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  1. It is the policy of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office to investigate all complaints against department employees. The Ellis County Sheriff is responsible for ensuring that an investigation and review of citizen compliments or complaints occurs in a timely, fair, and equitable manner. Citizens may file a complaint or compliment; Anonymously, Using the below online complaint form, In person or in writing, with the Ellis County Sheriff at the following address: Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, ATTN: Sheriff Scott Braun, 105 West 12th Street, Hays, KS 67601. For citizens who wish to appear in person, business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday Citizens may also file a complaint (in person, in writing, or by telephone) at any time with any supervisor at the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office (24 hours). *Persons may be held criminally and/or civilly liable for knowingly filing a false complaint or making a false statement.
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