Can my boat (and motor) valuation be prorated?

The Appraiser's Office is allowed to prorate the vessel valuation per the date of sale or acquisition, between January 1 and September 1. After September 1st only the sold vessel can be prorated. If a vessel is sold within the first half of January, the full year valuation will go to the purchaser. The owner for the majority of the transaction month will have that month added to his prorated valuation Effective July 1, 2007, due to HB 2044 amending KSA 79-306e), to have the vessel prorated the property owner must notify the Appraiser's Office on or before December 20th of the year of such acquisition or sale. If a property owner sold a watercraft, in order to prorate the tax value, the County Appraiser will need to receive a bill of sale. The legislation defines the vessel as "any watercraft designed to be propelled by machinery, oars, paddles or wind action upon a sail for navigation on the water." As the bill reads, the trailer will not be prorated. It is only the boat and the motor.

Kansas Statutes

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