The County Clerk’s Office is located in the Administrative Center, 718 Main in Hays, Kansas. As an elected position, the County Clerk serves a term of four years and also serves as secretary to the Board of Commissioners.

Available Services

Services provided by the County Clerk's Office include:
* Administering oaths
* Computing and certifying the tax roll to the County Treasurer for collection
* Keeping a record of all orders and contracts that create a liability against      
  county funds
* Taking and maintaining minutes of all County Commission meetings
* Serving as the county election officer and conducting all elections in Ellis      
* Serving as a notary public
* Serving as budgetary accountant and accounts payable clerk for the county
* Setting tax levies
* Signing and issuing all orders approved by the Board of Commissioners

Note: The Deputy County Clerk shall perform all duties of the County Clerk during his/her absence.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact the County Clerk's Office at (785)628-9410.