The Appraiser's mission is to discover, accurately list, and value all taxable property in the county in a equitable and fair manner. 

All information in the office, if allowed by law, is shared with the public in a friendly, courteous, and helpful manner.

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                                            Pursuant to K.S.A. 79-1460a
                                     Results of the Market Study Analysis
                             for Ellis County for the Assessment Year 2020.
                                                      January 1, 2020

A study of the residential real estate market indicated that there is an overall inflationary trend. For dwellings within the northwest portion of Hays the average overall inflationary trend was approximately 1.6% per year. All other areas of the county the market indicated an overall inflationary trend of 1.0% per year.

A study of the commercial real estate market indicated that there is an overall inflationary trend of approximately 6.8%.

A study of the real estate market for vacant lots indicate that there is an overall inflationary trend of approximately 3.7%

Values on specific properties may not follow the general trend because of changes in the property, correction of descriptive information or adjustment of values based on sales of similar properties.

Annual Re-inspection

The Ellis County Appraiser’s Office will begin its annual re-inspection of real estate properties beginning April 29, 2019.  This process will continue throughout the summer and into the fall. 

As is required by law, we physically view and re-inspect at least 17% of Ellis County each year, approximately 2800 properties. 

The maps indicate the areas of Hays, Ellis, and the county that will be
 re-inspected in 2019. 

Ellis County Appraiser’s Office personnel can be identified by Ellis County photo identification badges and will be driving vehicles marked with the Ellis County logo. 

Other routine work will continue throughout Ellis County, such as the review of recent sale properties and parcels with new or demolished buildings. 

Property owners with questions may contact the Ellis County Appraiser’s Office at 785-628-9400.


2019 17% Hays

2019  17% Ellis 

2019 17% Countywide

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