Burn Ban

Current Restrictions

There is a temporary burn ban in place for Ellis County as of Monday, April 3, 2023.

Anyone desiring approval to burn in the rural areas of Ellis County must contact the Ellis County Public Safety Communications Center at 785-625-1011 before attempting to burn anything in the County. Based on weather conditions, the Ellis County Public Safety Communications has the authority to deny controlled burns in the weather conditions are not favorable.

Burn Ban Restriction 

When in effect, the burn ban prohibits all outdoor burning including: 

  • fire pits
  • trash pits
  • ornamental fire chimneys
  • fields
  • any other form of open burning (not to include barbeque grills and household waste being burnt in a barrel no larger than 55 gallons with a protective screen).

Burn Ban Best Practices:

When approval is granted for controlled burning operations, it is necessary to following conditions pursuant to the Kansas Air Quality Regulations, including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Stockpile the material to be burned
  • Dry the material to the greatest extent possible before it is burned
  • Assure material is free of matter that will inhibit good combustion
  • Do not burn heavy smoke-producing materials - heavy oils, tires, tarpaper, etc.
  • Burning should not be initiated during the nighttime (period from 2 hours before sunset  until 1 hour after sunrise)
  • Burning should not take place during inclement or foggy conditions, or on very cloudy days (0.7 cloud cover with a ceiling of less than 2,000 ft.)
  • Do not burn when wind speeds are less than 5 mph or more than 15 mph
  • Do not burn within 1,000 ft. of any occupied dwelling, unless the occupant has been notified before the burn
  • Do not conduct a burn that creates a traffic or safety hazard. If burning is to take place within 1,000 ft. of a roadway, notify the highway patrol, sheriff's office, or other appropriate state or local traffic authority before the burning begins
  • If burning is to take place within 1 mile of an airport, notify the airport authority before burning begins
  • Supervise the burn until the fire is extinguished
  • The Ellis County Fire Chief may revoke any approved allowance of any controlled burn
  • If any controlled burn begins to get out of control, call 911 immediately. 

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