Budget 2021

I am examining my 2021 budget. Like last year, several rounds of meetings are being held in which commissioners designated a percentage is to be cut from each budget. For example: meeting one requires one percent; a month later meeting two requires departments to present another 1.5 % and so forth. Six meetings are scheduled for 2021 budget preparations. I cut 1 percent in March 2020, the first meeting. Since 2017, I cut $130,000 from Capital outlay and about 10% additionally from the budget. It amounts to over 25% in reduction of the Treasury Budget. Since I have no full time deputy, unlike other departments, and have made such large cuts the past three budget years, along with cutting operational hours, I cannot continue making unilateral percentage cuts.

Other departments where big changes have yet to be made will likely continue the rigamarole of attending one meeting and bringing their 1% to the table each time. This is simply not a responsible way to guarantee departments cut all they can. It is not effective management. Each department needs to be examined individually, as I have done, not based on a target percentage but based on needed services and necessary frugality. That percentage will be different among departments. Some can give more than let’s say 6 percent over 6 meetings. Some may not be able to find more than 2%.