Northwest Business Corridor


The Northwest Business Corridor Truck Route Road Improvements project improves the width and surface condition of two existing county roads along a four-mile stretch north and west of the City of Hays, Kansas, that are vital to continued business growth in northwestern Kansas. These roads connect to Interstate 70 on the southwest and to U.S. Highway 183 on the northeast. The north-south section of the Corridor (a county road known as 230th Avenue), which is currently unpaved for most of its length, passes by religious, educational, electric generation, residential, and industrial uses. The east-west section of the Corridor (a county road known as Feedlot Road) primarily passes agricultural and residential uses and serves as the primary route to its namesake feedlot.



For questions or concerns regarding the Northwest Business Corridor Environmental Assessment, please email

For more information about the Northwest Business Corridor, please contact Ellis County Public Works at (785) 628-9455 or the County Administrator's Office at (785) 628-9410.