Tax Sales

Current Tax Sale Information

The next Tax Sale will occur on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 at 10:00 AM in the Commission meeting room in the basement of the Ellis County Administrative Building at 718 Main Street, Hays, KS.  No preregistration is required to bid on a property.  Payment in the form of check or cash is required at the conclusion of the sale.

Tax Sale 18-CV-142

Tax Sale 2019-CV-122

  • The current owner(s) may redeem the property at any time prior to the time of the sale.  Therefore, property status may change.  Please contact the Treasury for a current listing.  
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RESEARCHING THE PROPERTIES WHICH INTEREST YOU TO DETERMINE IF THEY ARE SUITABLE FOR YOUR USE. Some examples of research: determine the location and type of property; check with the city and county for zoning, building restrictions and special assessments; check with the county appraiser for appraised value and current tax rates; check with the Office of Records and Tax Administration for easements and restrictive covenants; and view the property. 
  • Please note: Ownership of the property remains with the current owner(s) until the sale has been confirmed by the court. THEREFORE, YOU MAY NOT ENTER THE PROPERTY WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER(S).