Inmate Mail

Mail is delivered Monday through Friday only.  There will be no inmate to inmate correspondence or phone communication within this jail and from this jail to another jail, detention center, prison, treatment center, etc.  All outgoing mail must have your full name and the return address of this facility and the full name and address of the person you are sending the mail to on the front of the envelope.  All incoming mail must have the full name and return address of the sender and the full name of the inmate and this facilities address written on the front of the envelope, with no additional markings, stickers, or tape.  Incoming and outgoing mail will be opened and inspected for contraband, or other violations of facility rules.  Incoming appropriately marked Legal Mail (Must be marked LEGAL MAIL with the Attorney (of Record) name and/or Law Firm on the return address), will be opened in your presence.  Outgoing Legal Mail must be marked LEGAL MAIL and to your attorney’s address.  Legal Mail to the Courts, County Attorney, Corrections, Court Services, etc. will be inspected.  You can aid us in providing better mail service and prevent mail from being returned by telling your family and friends these few don’ts:

  • Do not send mail to your attorney, but in care of another individual.  That mail will be opened and inspected.
  • Do not send blank paper or envelopes, or postage stamps, or newspaper articles.
  • Do not put perfume, powder, cologne on the envelopes or letters.
  • Do not send inmate’s letters with colored envelopes or paper (only white paper and envelopes accepted unless the inmate purchased those items through commissary).
  • Do not write or draw anything on the envelope, except for your full name, address and full name and address of the person or inmate you are mailing the letter to.
  • Do not kiss inmate correspondence.
  • Do not send envelope and/or letters that are stained or extremely dirty.
  • Do not send more than 5 photos.
  • Do not send anything gang related.
  • Do not send nude or partially nude photos or drawings.
  • Do not use white out, colored pencils, or markers on inmate mail.  Use only black, blue ink, pencil, black or blue printer ink.
  • Do not send cards or letters with glue, tape, glitter, stickers or labels.
  • Do not use ICF, Sick Call, Application for Attorney forms, Commissary List, Inmate Rules & Regulations, Inmate Property Form, parts of envelopes, or any other form issued by the Ellis County Jail, for personal mail.  This does not include the envelopes and writing paper issued to you in your tote, or the envelopes and paper you receive as an indigent inmate.
  •  Do not send letters from multiple inmates in the same envelope.

If you are indigent, you will be provided with materials to send three letters per 7 calendar days. You are indigent if you have never had money on your jail account from the time you arrived in jail, or if after having money on your account you have not had money on your account for 7.