Tips and Reminders

WIC is not an entitlement program. Congress does not set aside funds to allow every eligible individual to participate in the program. Instead, WIC is a federal grant program for which Congress authorizes a specific amount of funding each year for program operations. The Food and Nutrition Service, which administers the program at the federal level, provides these funds to WIC state agencies (state health departments or comparable agencies) to pay for WIC foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding promotion and support, and administrative costs.

The WIC program is available in all 50 States, 34 Indian Tribal Organizations, American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Commonwealth Islands of the Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. These 90 WIC State agencies administer the program through approximately 2,200 local agencies and 9,000 clinic sites.
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Shopping Tips and Reminders:
As a WIC participant always remember to:
  • Handle your WIC checks carefully - like they were cash.
  • Call your WIC office right away if something happens to your checks. WIC checks can only be replaced in special circumstances.
  • Shop for WIC foods at Kansas grocery stores with a "We Accept WIC Checks" door decal.
  • Always take your WIC Program Booklet with you when you go shopping.
  • Please be sure to call your local health department to make any changes to your WIC checks.
  • Select the correct package size. Double check!
  • Count your ounces to be certain you are at or under the maximum allowed on your check prior to check out.
What to bring to the grocery store:
  • WIC Checks
  • Identification
  • Canvas shopping bag
  • Shopping list
  • WIC Program Booklet
  • Make sure you know how to use a WIC check.
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