WIC Checks

Once a person is certified on the WIC Program food benefits are provided to the client with WIC checks. WIC checks are much like a personal check and can be used to purchase specific foods at over 350 authorized grocery stores statewide including all in Ellis County.

It is important to take good care of your WIC checks. Store cashiers are trained to look for damaged or fraudulent checks. If the check is damaged or signatures do not match the cashier will reject the check. If checks become lost or stolen they may not be able to be replaced. In addition, no one else is allowed to use your WIC checks unless you designate someone during your WIC appointment to shop for you.

When you are ready to check out separate your WIC purchases from your other purchases. Let the cashier know this is a WIC food purchase. The cashier will ask for your ID and ask you to sign the checks in front of her. Click here to learn more about how to use a WIC check.