About Us

Construction & Maintenance
Ellis County maintenance activities begin with individual operators assigned to each of the 12 road maintenance districts to perform routine grading, mowing, and snow removal. Additional labor and equipment resources may also be directed to major maintenance or construction projects such as road reconstruction, paving, or bridge repair / construction.

The Road and Bridge truck fleet of tandem-axle dump trucks, semi-truck trailers / tankers, and water trucks provide road materials for maintenance and construction activities as well as snow and ice treatment and removal.

Sand, Rock & Gravel Production
Ellis County produces road materials acquired from sand, rock, and gravel pits located throughout the county. Additional road material is also obtained from privately operated aggregate producers as needed.

Emergency Services
The Road and Bridge staff members have been trained as an integral part of Ellis County’s emergency response activities, utilizing essential equipment and resources countywide. Staff and equipment have been and will continue to be available to provide mutual aid support for area and statewide emergency response and recovery.

Education & Training
Ellis County recognizes the importance of continuing education for its employees to perform required tasks within our division. All staff members are required to attend:

County employees are certified in the Kansas Road Scholar Technical Skills Program and have also been trained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).