Drug Enforcement Unit

The Ellis County Drug Enforcement Unit was created as a multi-jurisdictional, city-county drug task force in 1989. In years prior to the task force, each individual officer was responsible for investigating his or her own drug-related case with little or no specialized training and assistance. There was no central location for drug-related information and no organized or coordinated effort to enforce state and federal drug laws in Ellis County.

The unit is now referred to as the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) and is comprised of:
The mission of the DEU is to investigate illegal drug activity primarily in Ellis County; to cooperate with other agencies on drug investigations; to further training and education of fellow officers, schools, and other civic organizations; and to coordinate efforts against drug activity in our community.

Training, Operations & Funding
View information about the DEU's training, operation, and funding procedures.

For More Information
To contact a member of or to give information to the DEU, please call (785) 625-1069. If there is no answer, please call the Ellis County Law Enforcement Center at (785) 625-1011. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.