Wastewater System Evaluations & Permitting

Purpose of Evaluation
The Environmental Office consults with contractors and individuals on the construction of new and the correction of non-functioning wastewater systems. This office provides Wastewater System Construction Guidelines that include basic information on designing and constructing a wastewater system.

The Ellis County Environmental Code requires the inspection of the wastewater treatment system when property ownership is transferred within the county’s jurisdiction.

Permit Application
A permit is required before the construction and/or modification of wastewater systems. Wastewater Applications are $60 and should be submitted to the Environmental Office, which is located at:
1515 W. 55th St.
Hays, KS  67601

Septage Haulers
A permitted septage hauler must pump all septic tanks before they can be evaluated. All tanks will have to be opened in a manner that will allow the visual inspection of the tank's interior. In other words, the lid will have to be opened. The Environmental staff must be present when the tank is opened and before it is pumped.

To be recognized as a licensed Septage Hauler in Ellis County, please fill out the Septage Hauler Application below and return to the Environmental Office.
Septage Hauler Application

Permitted septage haulers in Ellis County are:

Ellis Co. Permitted Septage Haulers
Land Application of Septage EPA Guide
For More Information
For more information about wastewater system evaluations and/or permits, please contact the Environmental Office at (785) 628-9449.