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February 2024Purpose
The Planning and Zoning Division strives to ensure that the Ellis County Zoning Regulations and Subdivision Regulations are followed in providing proper land use and development of Ellis County properties.

Joint Planning Commission

View the Joint Planning Commission to see its members, agendas, minutes, and maps.

Agricultural Lot Split

Anytime land is divided in Ellis County there must be approval from the County Zoning Administrator.  Agricultural zoned land can be split through a survey with these requirements:
  • Parent property before lot split contains a minimum of 40 acres
  • New lot created contains a minimum of:                                                                        2 acres (with Public Water supply) 3 acres (with Private Water well)
  • Some restrictions from further division of both properties without full platting may apply

Agricultural Lot Split form - Contact our office for details.

Zoning Certificates

Prior to the erection or alteration of any structure, an application for a Zoning Certificate shall be obtained.  A Zoning Certificate is similar to a building permit.

Zoning Certificate - Contact our office for details.

Other Permits & Applications

Forms and other materials may be found at the office of the Zoning Administrator:
1515 W. 55th St. Hays, KS 67601

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