Noxious Weed

Division of Public Works
Brendan Mackay, Public Works Director
Weed Dept Equip_Crop
The goals of the Ellis County Weed Division are to educate and assist the public with environmentally safe methods in the control of noxious weeds.

This division is committed to making every effort in keeping weeds on the Federal Watch List from becoming established in Ellis County.



A variety of services are provided to aide in the control of noxious weeds including:
  • Enforcing the Noxious Weed Law   
  • Filing annual reports with the State Department of Agriculture
  • Inspecting and certifying weed-free forage
  • Inspecting and identifying weeds
  • Providing herbicides at a cost-share discount of 25% for weed control
  • Recommending control methods
  • Recycling pesticide containers
  • Surveying state-assigned sections for noxious weeds
  • Treating county and state roads